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Say goodbye to unreliability

Are you frustrated with Google’s inbuilt importxml function, and the poor reliability of other Google Sheets add-ons?

InfinityXML can reliably scrape thousands of unique URL-XPATH combinations into Google Sheets!

  • No more Loading…
  • Overcome the 50 importxml limit
  • Scrape thousands of unique URL-XPATH combinations into your sheet
  • Works on interactive (javascript) sites

Learn what you can do with InfinityXML

InfinityXML is an incredibly reliable web scraper for Google, Amazon, Instagram, Yahoo Finance, and so much more! The web is the limit!

Once you’ve installed our Google Sheets add-on, simply set which ranges contain URLs and XPATHs, and at the push of a button InfinityXML retrieves the corresponding values and pastes them into the range you set.

InfinityXML is designed for heavy-duty use, so you needn’t worry about the number of URLs and XPATHs in your sheet.

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Scrape Product Prices

Scrape product prices from web-stores and online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay & BackMarket

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Scrape Stock Prices

Retrieve and monitor stock values from sources like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, or the Nasdaq website

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Scrape Crypto Prices

Obtain and consolidate cryptocurrency information from Binance, Coinbase, or CoinMarketCap

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Scrape Search Results

Extract search outcomes from platforms such as Amazon, Google, YouTube, Reddit, and more

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Scrape Web Pages For SEO

Monitor competitors’ backlinks, anchor text, headers or content changes to inform your SEO strategy

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Scrape User Feedback

Analyze consumer sentiment, identify trends or common issues to improve customer experience

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Scrape Social Media

Aggregate and analyze real-time data on popular topics, hashtags, or influencers by scraping social media sites

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Scrape Wikipedia Pages

Organize information for data analysis, research consolidation, or content creation

… and import any additional public web data you desire. There are no bounds!

Some of the favourite websites our users import data from include: Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Google, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, NSE India, Facebook, Seeking Alpha, Market Watch, LinkedIn, Zillow & Coin Market Cap…

Many of our users have found that tools like Import JSON, Supermetrics, Mixed Analytics, KPI bees, DataConnector, SheetGo, Google Analytics, Autocrat, Power Tools, and ImportFromWeb don’t quite meet their use-case, and so have switched to our more powerful web scraper.

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